brideWhat wedding photographer should I choose?
Have a very good look through a complete wedding. It’s quite easy for someone to get one or two goods shots from a wedding. A good photographer will produce hundreds of photos from one wedding that you would be happy to get enlarged and put on your wall. Here is a gallery from one of our recent weddings. Please ask if you would like the password to some other weddings on our gallery page.
You must get on well with your photographer, after all, you’ll be spending a lot of time with this person on your wedding day. Ask yourself if you’d get on with this person if you met them socially. Would you be happy to have them as a guest at your wedding?

I’ve seen a photographer on Facebook that only charges £300 for a days photography and a CD.
There are amateurs and part time photographers that charge very little, but will they be able to consistently produce high quality images? Are they insured? Have they got back up equipment? Have they got the experience to deal with a rainy day and low light and other awkward eventualities?
I have many years experience and invest a lot in personal development and training. I have high quality equipment with back ups of everything and I am fully insured.

Why have you no price list on your website?
I try to be as flexible as possible with my pricing, and tailor a package to your exact requirements. I would rather discuss your wedding with you first, and then give you a price. To give you an idea of my prices, a full days photography package, on a Saturday in Summer, with two photographers, an engagement portrait session, an online gallery, and a DVD of all high resolution images would be about £1100.

Could we meet in person?
Absolutely. I’d be very happy to come and visit you and show you some sample photo books, and discuss your photography options over a coffee.

Will you be the photographer on our day?
Yes. I don’t sub contract wedding photography out to other photographers, and I will never have more than one wedding in a day.
For full day packages, I will have another photographer with me.

How long will you stay at our wedding?bodicote registry office
If you book us for a full day, we’re yours for the day. There are no time limits.

What do you wear on the day?
I will always wear a suit and look tidy and presentable.

How quickly will our pictures be ready?
I usually have them edited and on your password protected gallery within a week.

Do you take many group shots?
We ask you to give us a list of any group shots you would like. We try to keep it below 10 shots so as not to turn your wedding into a big photo shoot with guests waiting around to have their pictures taken.

Will you take many shots of the two of us together?
Yes, we will spend 30-45 minutes with the two of you, away from all your guests, and get all those lovely romantic images.

Are you familiar with my ceremony/reception venue?
I have photographed weddings at most major venues in the area. If I haven’t been to your venue before, I will always make sure I visit and have a good look round before the wedding.

How long have you been a photographer?
I’ve been taking photos since I was in primary school. As a teenager I was involved in a few camera clubs and used to develop and print my own films.
I started PurePix photography in 2003, concentrating mostly on sports and event photography, with the occasional wedding. In 2006 I went full time with my photography business and started to concentrate more and more on weddings. I’ve been photographing at least 25 wedding a year for the last few years.

Are you a member of any professional bodies?
I am a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP). My work is continually assessed to ensure it meets the high requirements of the institute.

Is it much extra to shoot my wedding abroad?
No. I keep costs down to an absolute minimum. Quite often these costs would be covered by me if you are putting together a big photography package.